Wax Coating

Protective service (wax coating) designed to improve the look of your car and body protection to make it shiny and smooth surface. Car is provided multistage washing, including working with clay that lividus ingrained dirt such as tar, tree sap, leaving a smooth paint, without any impurities. With Dual Action polishers are applied wax that achieves a deep luster.

Protective service includes:

  • Is thoroughly cleaned wheel metal part using special brushes that reach every corner of the wheel;
  • Multistage cleaning the wheels, removing stubborn dirt;
  • The car is covered with a pre-foam, softens and lifted dust from the surface;
  • Then the car is washed with lamb's wool washing glove, in order not to damage the surface. Neutral pH shampoo is used in order not to affect the color protection level. After rinsing the car is plush mikro wipe with a towel;
  • Professional Dryer is used to safely and effectively remove water from hard to reach places;
  • With Dual Action polishers wax is applied, which is achieved by a deep gloss and color refreshed surface;
  • Glasses and mirrors are cleared from both the outside and inside with a dedicated tool. It is covered in the tire, causing the appearance of new ones.

 Time: From 4-6h