New Car Preparation

Preparation of new machines are particularly suited to vehicles that are less than 2 months. This service is aimed at preparing the car to the highest standards, fully protect your car. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why new car may not correspond to the highest standarts -  type of storage, transportation, lack of first service.

Once we have made a thorough car wash in several stages and completed the preparatory process to be sure that all contaminants removed, will be chosen according to the polishing puck and means to carry out single-level polishing. To achieve the best results takes into account the type of paint, the depth and its position. This process will remove light damage and leave a fresh look to your car. After polishing, protective coating will be applied, eg., Wax, acrylic sealants or ceramic coating. Protection coverage choice will be discussed with you, so that it best fits your car needs, as different coatings behave differently to different color types and tones.


Time: 2,3 days and more