Car Washing

Daily maintenance or body wash designed for auto refresh, which suggest that as a basis for other services Car Shine Latvia.

  • Is thoroughly cleaned wheel metal part using special brushes that reach every corner of the wheel;
  • Are cleansed arches;
  • Then the car is washed using lamb wool washing glove, in order not to damage the surface. Neutral pH shampoo is used in order not to affect the color protective layer . After rinsing the car is plush mikrofiber wipe with a towel;
  • Professional Dryer is used to safely and effectively remove water from hard to reach places;
  • On the dry surface coating is applied fast shine and protection;
  • Glasses and mirrors are cleared from both the outside and inside with a dedicated tool. It is covered in the tire, causing the appearance of new ones. The polished exhaust tip.

Time: From 1 h

NB If the car is very dirty, it will be applied to the corresponding fee for the service for which you will be warned before the service is provided.