Car Interior Cleaning

Car Shine cleaning seriously enhance any kind of car interior, regardless of age and condition. Using the best products and a thorough cleaning grade it is returned to the cabin a fresh appearance to the standard of the car interior.

  • Panel, center console and ventilation hatches are cleaned by removing dust is used in the cleaning tool to remove any dirt. To clean the hard to reach parts of the steam is used;
  • The suck out carpets and interior padding. If necessary, it is used in shampoo and wet wax to remove water stains and the toughest dirt;
  • The fabric is treated with Gtechniq Smart Fabric which provide protection against liquids and stains;
  • The skin is cleaned, removing dirt and stains, and treated with a protective coating that will maintain the necessary results;
  • With special means are processed in all the windows and mirrors;
  • All interior plastics are treated with anti-silikon products that protect against UV rays, leaving a fresh, natural look;
  • Door handles are cleaned with steam, polished and coated with protection to ensure the dirt from adhering.

 Time: 2h and more