Refreshing polishing

During refreshing polishing removes easily surface defects (rust, scratches, holograms), providing a clear reflection, in addition to shine and depth of auto coverage. This can be achieved by choosing the right polishing puck and a product that meets the realization of certain machine and its color which makes it possible to simultaneously correct the surface defects and refresh the color. With this service you will be able to appreciate the most benefits provided by professional car detailing. When the car will be meticulously washed and PREPARED, making sure that all the dirt is removed it is selected suitable for the puck and the product assessing color type and its condition. This process avoids possible defects passenger car manufacturing process.

When finished polishing stage, is applied protective coating, eg., Sealants or ceramic coating. Type of coating will be agreed with you before the service is carried out so that it best suits your needs and specifics of the car.

Refreshing polishing will be the right choice if you want to seriously improve the car color and depth of field and the newly purchased car, though, preparing your car for sale.

Time: 1 day or more

* We work with several leading manufacturers as Swissvax Car cosmetics, Polish Angel, Dodo Juice, Carpro, Chemical Guys and Detail King, Meguiers. We are able to apply various protective coatings from the Natural Carnauba wax, ending with polymer sealants and ceramic coatings.