About me

With car cosmetology I have been working since the age of 20 and the technical things always have been close to my heart. Also I am a motocross rider who love the thrill and different challenges. To avoid losing my interest in technical things and gain the excitement from my work as much as possible by making cars more beautiful, I continue to operate directly in the auto industry.

I have acquired knowledge and practice on the way thanks to the experience gained over the years. I have learned and practiced at United States of America leading car cosmetic maintenance company "Detail King", where I obtained a certificate which is formal approval of my professional career in auto cosmetology industry.

In my opinion, the most important quality of the work, is to have everything succeed and the result would satisfie myself and, of course, that the customer is 100% satisfied with the work what I have done. In my daily work, I have observed that the clients often have enjoyed the result which have been achieved, becaue they never had seen such as good results. In my opinion car cosmetology industry in Latvia have not been very developed and people aren’t informed enough about that it is possible to maintain good visual condition of the car, in order to maintain the car, and then even to successfully sell it.

Car Shine Latvia studio 

Car Shine Latvia is a car detailing studio, where we are dealing with car cleaning, polishing and visual image. The studio is located in Latvia, Riga. Just as people visit beauticians, we nurture and revamp the cars. Car Shine Latvia are dealing with car care for more than 20 years. During this period we have helped a large number of clients organize their car, for example, after the harsh winter conditions in Latviaa, as well as after someone inside the car spilled liquid, which has not succeeded in eliminating the landlord yourself.

Our studio cosmetic services include car handling, both from outside and from the inside. It often happens in your car to pour a substance that emits unpleasant odors or have been required to carry auto showroom dog. Such a problem has invented the perfect solution - Ozone generator. It is a special device which is inserted after the car interior cleaning. It destroys bacteria and neutralize any undesirable odors and your car interior smell neutral again. Also smells in each case is individual, there are cases when it should be done several times, but probably will be sufficient once. Highly it is recommended to take complete care of the car, if the family is expected to increase - the newborn will not have to breath bad odors and bacteria.

An essential prerequisite for success is the proper chemical use of funds, as well as in the use of sequence. Car Shine Latvia salon use only professional tools, most of them are commercially available in the United States and some parts of Europe. They can not be purchased at petrol stations or building stores.

If everyday is not the time or the desire to take care of the car, then certainly it would be important to do this at least twice a year - in spring and in autumn. It is particularly important in the spring directly from the car wash surface dirt and salt traces that are deposited on a car. As well there is the possibility to remove all winter caused by scratches and streaks on the car body, because a lot of scratches on the car winter leads directly to snow and ice. It is important to prepare the car by the fall, just before the winter season.